Help A Nonprofit You Care About With Your Purchases From Our Community Partners!

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Simply add a qualified receipt with purchase details, and the Community Partner will donate 5% of your purchase to your selected Nonprofit. All donations are matched by the Community Patrons of your Nonprofit.

Receipt Must Be . . .

  • from a Community Partner
  • within 2 weeks of purchase
  • at least $10
  • before tax and gratuity, if available, and after any discount
  • include as much info as possible on receipt (fold long receipts; multiple images - use subtotal page
  • without previous benefit to your Nonprofit through a family night, etc.
Receipts are only viewable by you, the Community Partner, and R City Rocks.

R City Rocks is a Community Initiative funded by participating Businesses. We do not charge Nonprofits or take any portion of the donations.
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