As a Community Patron, you match each donation from our Community Partners (5% of purchase) to your selected School/Nonprofit

  • Easy For Everyone
  • Affordable Contributions (donation caps available)
  • Awesome Collective Impact (with other businesses & donation matches)

Publicity That Matters & People Remember

- we asked 300 moms: would they choose a business over another, all other things equal, because they saw somewhere that the business supports their child's PTA? 96% said yes -
  • Your logo and recognition on your selected School/Nonprofit’s page
  • Your logo on each Gift Card that the School/Nonprofit uses to promote the program (+4/year)
Recognition with web link each time someone submits a receipt
Your logo on digital flyers that are posted/distributed regularly
Annual R City Rocks Sponsored Facebook Thank You (reach of 5,000+ near your business)

Membership Details:

  • Profile page with personalized url that shares your support of the community
  • Coded R City Rocks icon, linking to profile page, to place on your website
  • Optional R City Rocks window decal
  • Dashboard to view data, donations, etc
  • Automated monthly payments: $49/month membership fee and 5% of receipts texted the previous month are charged to your credit card on the 1st of each month (the tax-deductible donations go directly from you to the nonprofit's bank account.)
  • Cancel anytime; effective in 90 days

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R City Rocks is a Community Initiative funded by participating Businesses. We do not charge Nonprofits or take any portion of the donations.
Please include School/Nonprofit Name In Referral Blank
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